Basic program settings

The BetDriver program helps you trade on the Betfair exchange in both manual and automated modes. To work with the program, you must have an active Betfair account. Registration in the program itself is not required. There are three ways to enter the program.

Website –using the login and password from the exchange account.

Using certificate – a pre-generated certificate is used to enter the program. Instructions for a certificate creation and linking it to your Betfair account for Windows can be found here:

Username and password ­– login and password from the Betfair account, entered in the program window, are used to enter to the website.

This is the main program window:

Main menu

What is displayed above:

  • the username specified during the registration on the exchange;
  • the state of your exchange account.

Below you will find the «Markets search» section. The list contains all the markets currently offered by the exchange. They can be immediately sorted by conditions:

  • In-Play – events that have already transposed to In-Play;
  • Unmatched bets – markets where your bets were not accepted;
  • Matched bets – markets where your bets were accepted;
  • Filter –markets search by keyword: country, sport, championship, team, etc.


In this section, the history of program changes, due to the release of new versions, is available.

What is displayed above:

  • the current program version used now;
  • user ID;
  • subscription period.


A tab for working with automatic strategies. Here is a list of the added autostrategies. It is possible to delete, rename, copy and select options for each of them.

Detailed information about working with automatic strategies can be found here


If the “Save history” checkbox is selected in the program settings, then this section will display all the events processed by the program. To do this, you need to open the list of events:

Select the market, which history you would like to see. It can be found manually in the list or by entering the market name into the search bar. If you need only those markets where your bets were accepted, then click on the checkbox next to “Markets with bets only”.


After market selection, you can check the history of all changes that took place on it, including: accepted/unaccepted bets, account changes, odds movement and other information. With the scale at the top of the window, you can “rewind” the event from the moment you entered the market until its closure.


The section contains parameters valid for the program and all operating modes in general. You need to restart the program in order to enable some changes.

Language – Russian/English. The language used in the program interface.

Language for API – Russian/English. The language in which the program retrieves data from the exchange. All markets and events will be displayed in this language. This is equivalent to the language selected on the Betfair exchange.

Theme – Light/Dark. Program interface design theme.

Ladder font size – changing the ladder font in the event window.

Default stake – default bet amount that will be used during trading at the specified market.

Stake step – step of increasing/decreasing the bet amount with each click on the left or right arrow.

Use Stream API – change in data retrieving technology. The program will receive data via the market subscription. The program retrieves data, if any changes took place at the market, if there are no changes, then the data is not sent. The use of Stream API allows you to retrieve data with minimal delays.

Save history – enabling this option allows you to save the history of trading on the exchange using automatic strategies or manually. It also indicates for how many days the history should be kept. Default time is 1 day.

Emulation mode – trading on the exchange without placing real bets. Money is not debited from the account. All bets are displayed in the program interface, but your bets do not affect the movement of the odds in the market on which you place your bets.

Get Soccer score – displaying the football match score in the window in which bets are placed.

Show account browser – the “Account browser” tab is added. This is a display of a page from the Betfair exchange. Enabling this option allows you to perform operations with the account directly in the program window.

Tree update period – allows you to set the frequency with which the market tree on the left side of the program will be updated. This parameter may be left with the default settings, since markets appear on the exchange very early.

Count of minutes for column “Matched in X minutes”  during the launch of any automatic strategy, a screen opens showing its operation. In particular, it displays a list of markets found by the automatic strategy. In “Matched in X minutes” column, it is possible to check the transactions amount on the market for a certain period of time in minutes. This parameter is taken into account in this setting. You can specify the number of minutes that is necessary to display the transactions amount on the market.

Matched amount in X minutes to color market lines – if more than the specified amount is matched for the specified time period (the associated “Count of minutes for column Matched in X minutes” parameter), then the market in the list is highlighted in color.

Logging methods – the type of data that will be saved in the logs is selected. The latter are in the folder: C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\BetDriver4\log

Transaction counter – the current limit, after reaching which the exchange charges an additional fee, is 5000 transactions per hour.

  • Limit/hour – the user sets the transactions limit per hour;
  • Period/minutes – period in minutes for which the transaction limit will be recalculated (by default – 60 minutes). If 1 is specified, then the limit of 5000 per hour will mean 5000/60*1 = 83 per minute, etc.;
  • Limit/period – maximum transactions number for the specified time period;
  • Transactions/period – transactions number for the specified time period;
  • Transactions/hour – transactions number per hour;
  • Maximum transactions – maximum transactions number per hour;
  • Total transactions – total number of transactions carried out.


Heartbeat function allows to automatically cancel unmatched bets in case of technical problems on the Betfair exchange.

Turn Heartbeat on/off with a timeout period (seconds) – when the feature is enabled, the program will automatically send Heartbeat requests to the exchange. The request timeout period is selected by the user in the range from 10 to 300 seconds. If the exchange does not receive any requests during this time, an attempt to cancel your unmatched bets on Betfair will be made. When the function is disabled (after restoring the connection with Betfair), the program sends a request to the exchange to disable Heartbeat. The exchange stops automatically canceling unpaired bets upon receipt of the request.

Stop sending Heartbeat requests and cancel all unmatched bets – cancellation of your unpaired bets in case of technical problems on the exchange.


Allows to perform operations with your account on the exchange in the program window. The tab appears after enabling the “Show browser with account operations” checkbox.