Betfair. How to win with the BetDriver program.

Betfair is the one of the most popular services for bets trading.

It has four main benefits over bookmakers:

  • The odds on the exchange are higher. You may choose which odds to bet on by yourself, since you are making a bet with another user, not a bookmaker;
  • You can act as a bookmaker by placing a LAY bet against the event occurrence: the team wins, the goal is scored, the horse comes first, etc;
  • The bet is placed between users, and the exchange only provides the platform. For this, it takes 2,5% fee from the net winnings. Therefore, you can not be afraid of cutting the limits even during long-term profitable trading;
  • You can use third-party trading software that receives data from the exchange via the API. Betfair does not prevent this at all.

Betfair. How to win more simply

The exchange website contains information about the officially approved bets trading apps.

BetDriver is one of these programs. It will help you to fully automate the trading process.

How to win on Betfair football without risk

On specialized websites and forums, you may find the exchange trading strategies They provide betting schemes depending on the sport, selection, time period, statistics and other criteria. It takes a lot of time and money to test the strategy effectiveness at a distance. With the BetDriver program, you may test any strategy without financial risk.

The Emulation mode allows to place bets in real time using an unlimited virtual balance. In this case, all matched and unmatched bets are saved in history. Later, you will be able to assess the veracity of any trading scheme.

How to win laying bets on Betfair with the statistics

The ability to predict the odds movement is the basis for successful bets trading. It depends on whether the bet will be accepted at the desired odds or whether they will move in the opposite direction and the bet will remain unaccepted.  In the first case, you will receive a profit, in the second case there will be a loss.

BetDriver provides extensive statistics for each market. You will able to see the total in a pair, the overround of BACK and LAY bets, the matched amounts for each odd and on each selection, the graph and ladder for each selection.

The additional “Matched Amounts” function allows you to see the transactions in real time, that take place on the selected selection, as well as the amounts and directions of transactions.

How to win on Betfair automatically

The Betfair website trading requires ongoing participation from the user. You need to select markets, monitor the odds movement and place your bets on time.

BetDriver can be used for the trading automation. The program will select and process the markets, calculate the base odd, place bets that suit the specified criteria, and equalize the results for all selections. The program places up to 5000 bets per hour in accordance with a specific algorithm.

Thus, BetDriver answers the question that Betfair users ask – How to win more, easier and faster on the exchange? Download the program with a free trial period and you will see the result.