Scalping on the Betfair exchange

The term “scalping” came to Betfair from trading. This is an exchange trading strategy that involves a deal closure during the achievement of a small profit of one or more points. In this case, the transaction is completed in a short period of time from several seconds to several minutes.

Scalping on Betfair operates in a similar way. On the selected market, we place a bet at a specific odd on a specific selection (for example, 2.94) and after a short period of time we sell this bet at a lower odd (for example, 2.90). As a result, we receive a minimum profit of one or several ticks.

Betfair scalping techniques in different sports

This strategy was originally implemented in horse and greyhound racing. Later, it was implemented in other sports: football, tennis, etc.

On horse races and greyhound races, scalping trading occurs approximately 10 minutes before the race start. At this time, the odds movement dynamics is accelerating, and the odds perform short-term fluctuations in both directions. This market situation is the most suitable for scalping.

The Betfair scalping for football can be used before the match start and during in-play.  For this, different markets are selected: match odds, under/over goals, correct score, etc.

In tennis, trading is carried out during a match in the match odds market.  The scalping strategy on the serving favorite is the most well-known. Its essence lies in the fact that a BACK bet is placed on the victory of the favorite before he serves, and after the game he won, a LAY bet is placed with a lower odd.

Betfair scalping strategy on horse racing

The most favorable conditions for scalping are created at the horse races. This applies primarily to races in the UK and Ireland, but other countries can be tested too.

Trading takes place as follows:

  1. A BACK bet is placed at the current odd (the odd for LAY bets on the right side minus 1 tick).
  2. After the BACK bet is accepted, the LAY bet is placed for 1-2 ticks less than the initial BACK bet odd.

It is also possible to begin with the LAY bet. The trading is carried out in the same way, but the upcoming bet is increased for 1-2 ticks.

Automated Betfair scalping bot

The scalping strategy requires non-interrupted attention of the user. You must enter the market on time, follow the odds movement and make decisions quickly.

BetDriver will help you to fully or partially automate your scalping strategy on Betfair.

Autostrategy AutoBookmaker fully automates the scalping process. It will help you to select the necessary markets, calculate the base odd in the best way, set the initial and reverse bets parameters, equalize the results at a given time before the event start.

The AutoTrader function automatically places the opposite bet with the odd changed by the specified number of ticks.

Download BetDriver program with a free trial period to test your Betfair scalping strategy in practice.