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Instructions for registering on the exchange

An active Betfair account is necessary for using the BetDriver program. In this article, we will go through the process of registering and verifying an account, as well as operations with an account on the Betfair exchange, in a step-wise manner. The exchange has a rule according to which it is impossible to register an […]

Matched amounts on the market

«Matched amounts» ­is an utility strategy that allows you to see the transactions that are carried out on the selected selection, as well as the amounts and transactions directions. As we know, the current odds in the market are formed by someone’s orders. The BetDriver program shows in which direction the transactions are carried out […]

How to add an AutoStrategy

The BetDriver program has a built-in set of basic strategies based on various algorithms for trading on the exchange. The program presents the following basic strategies: AutoBookmaker; AutoBets; AutoTrader; Martingale; First bets in the line; Markets search. These strategies can be found in the “AutoStrategies” tab in the main program window. To start working with […]