First bets in the line - A tool for expert players

Basic “First bets in the line” strategy allows to place bets at fixed (preset) odds on the specified markets and selections only if it is possible to be the first to place these bets on these odds.

Before placing bets, the program will “check” whether there is an amount on the required odd, and it will place bets if there is no amount or it is within the maximum allowable amount specified in the settings.

Also, this strategy allows to place bets on the markets as soon as they appear on the exchange, to carry on the markets search in a specified dates range and by other criteria.

For example, you can specify the following parameters to searching for new UK horse racing markets:

These parameters will mean that the program will search the WIN horse racing markets in the UK from 10 hours to 2 days in advance.

With each found market, as well as the further markets appearance, the program will check whether it is possible to place bets at the given odds for being ahead of others.

Bets parameters and some general parameters are specified below:

The processing frequency is the frequency with which the program will request the markets data. If speed is important, then 0 or 1 sec should be specified.

Selections names (separated by commas): if specified, then the bets will be place only on the specified selections. For example, it can be useful for Lay bets for Under or Draw selections.

The “Maximum amount ahead” parameter means that a bet should be placed only in case if someone has already placed the amount at the odd that is less than the specified one.

Thus, if we place 0, then the bets will be placed only if the odd is “not occupied”, that is, there are no other bets at it and we are the first to place the bet.

After placing a bet on the market, the program will “check” the amount that is ahead of the bet. The bet will be canceled if this amount is more than the one specified in this parameter.

Bets odd from / Bets odd to – This is the range of odds in which bets should be placed.

In this example, for each selection, we will try to place all three Lay bets on each selection ahead with the odds: 1.01, 1.02, 1.03.

Good luck!