How to add an AutoStrategy

The BetDriver program has a built-in set of basic strategies based on various algorithms for trading on the exchange. The program presents the following basic strategies:

  • AutoBookmaker;
  • AutoBets;
  • AutoTrader;
  • Martingale;
  • First bets in the line;
  • Markets search.

These strategies can be found in the “AutoStrategies” tab in the main program window.

To start working with any strategy, add it to the AutoStrategies window. To do this, click the “Add” button and select the strategy from the opened list, with which you would like to work.

After choosing a strategy, the program will ask you to enter its name. You can enter any name.

After this, click “OK” and the strategy will appear in the left program window.

A section with settings, which can be changed in accordance with your tasks, will appear in the right window. You can study each automatic strategy parameters on the website in the “AutoStrategies” section.

To start the strategy with the specified settings, press the “Start” button. You can see an example of a working AutoStrategy below:

Сlick “Stop” in order to stop the strategy.

The program allows you to add an unlimited number of strategies based on the basic “AutoStrategies” algorithms. You can run one or several strategies at the same time.

You can rename, copy or delete any of the created strategies. When copying, all the selected strategy settings are saved. This allows you to compare similar strategies by changing one and/or several parameters. It is not necessary to set all parameters every time. Select a strategy in the list and click on the “…” in order to perform one of the actions listed above.

“AutoBets” strategy creation wizard

In addition to default basic strategies, you can add an “AutoBets” strategy with advanced parameters. You need to select the appropriate checkbox in the strategies adding menu.

When creating a strategy with the help of the wizard, you need to specify the most significant parameters, the others take the default value. After creating a strategy, they can be changed in the “Parameters” section.

Strategy creation stages:

Think of your strategy name.

Set your search criteria for the markets participating in the strategy:

Only selected sports, countries, competitions and markets types will be processed by the program in the created strategy.

Already switched to InPlay – if the parameter is selected, the program will place bets only on those markets that have entered the In-Play stage. In other words, the match/tournament/race has already started at the time of the strategy creation.

Time to starthow much time is left before the event moving to In-Play. The parameter is not available if the “Already moved to In-Play” parameter selected.

The next window contains important markets processing parameters. These settings are available:

Markets processing frequencythe frequency with which the program will send requests to the exchange.

Overround from (%) – the amount of the market reverse odds multiplied by 100. If values are specified, then only those markets, that are within the specified range, are selected. If you put zeros in the “from” and “to” gaps, then bets will be placed on the selected markets without restrictions.

Minutes of the match from ­– the time range within which the program will place bets during the match.

Further we indicate what bets should be placed on the markets:

Bets typedepending on the selected type, the program will place Back or Lay bets. You can learn more about the bets types in the “Back or Lay bets” article on our website.

Bets amountthe parameter is set in the account currency and is calculated depending on the selected calculation option.

  • Payout – Bet Amount = Specified amount / Odd;

  • BetAmount – Bet amount = Specified amount;

  • Liability – Bet Amount = Specified amount / Odd – 1.

You may also add a trading mode to your strategy. The principle of its operation: the program places a reverse bet after the initial bet acceptance. Additional trading mode settings can be selected in the “Parameters” section after creating a strategy.

The last parameter is the markets closure. If you want to close the markets, i.e. equalize the results for all outcomes on the market, then tick the appropriate box.

If this option is selected, then this line will appear below it:

Time to close (before the start) – the market closes when the specified time value remains before the market start.

Additional trading mode settings can be selected in the “Parameters” section after creating a strategy.

After that, you confirm the strategy creation, and it appears in your list.

Own strategy compilation

If you have a unique algorithm for trading on the Betfair exchange and you want to automate it by using the Betdriver program, then you can use the strategy compiler.

Click on the gear in the upper right corner to start creating your own strategy.

A strategy compilation window will appear.

The program allows you to create your own strategies in C# using the BetDriver.Api.dll library for interaction with Betfair Api. Therefore, you only need to program the strategy algorithm without unnecessary routine work. The source code of all the built-in basic strategies is published on the website:

Instructions for strategies compilation can be found here: