Matched amounts on the market

«Matched amounts» ­is an utility strategy that allows you to see the transactions that are carried out on the selected selection, as well as the amounts and transactions directions.

As we know, the current odds in the market are formed by someone’s orders. The BetDriver program shows in which direction the transactions are carried out in the current situation. Using this, we can predict the odd movement and make decisions based on the data obtained. This information can be used for trading before the beginning of the match, during the In-Play, as well as during the half-time.

Let us consider the “Matched amounts” strategy using the example of the Portuguese Primeira Liga match between the teams Moreirense and CD Nacional Funchal. Market: Match Odds. After choosing a market for the bets placement, select additional options (a gear in the upper right corner).

Select the “Add matched amounts” in the opened list.

An additional window with matched amounts will appear on the right. Information about transactions is displayed on two sides: left side (blue numbers) and right side (red numbers). This type corresponds to the Back and Lay bets on a certain selection.

Trades for ­– depending on the market, you may choose the selection for which the matched amounts will be displayed. For example, Moreirense.

Also we can see the statistics checkboxes:

Average odds – the average odds value for the Back and Lay bets which are used for transactions on the selected selection.

Total – total Back and Lay transactions amount from the moment of “Matched amounts” function activation.

Reset – resetting information on “Average odds” and “Total” checkboxes.

You can launch the “Matched amounts” function for each selection in the selected market. To do this, you need to re-enter the settings and again select the “Add matched amounts” checkbox. Now you can monitor the movement of Back and Lay transactions for each selection simultaneously.

“Matched amounts” function for all selections before the beginning of the match.

“Matched amounts” function during the In-Play.