Betfair trading software for intelligent players

BetDriver is the only official service (bot) in Russia for making money on Betfair – the world’s largest sports betting exchange.
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WHY CHOOSE BetDriver service

Great advantages, only in BetDriver

  • Low system requirements;
  • Works on serverside, while you are sleeping;
  • With exlusive strategy in basic subscribe you can payback cost of BetDriver in few hours!


Register on the exchange

Register on BetFair, the world’s largest betting exchange based in the UK and deposit your account to start trading




Download BetDriver

Download the program and get a free 14-day access. Study the tutorial articles and videos





Launch strategies

Test your strategies in the Emulation mode and start trading on the exchange







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BetDriver bot (automat) service


Compare with our opponents


High accuracy of forecasts

Great functionality: 20 awesome tools

Support work 24/7

Fine-tuning auto strategies

The ability to implement your own strategies

Storing statistics as much as you need

Other services

Worse forecast accuracy

Limited functionality

Support does not work around the clock

Incomplete set of settings

Inability to use your own strategies

The storage period for statistics is limited

Money-back guarantee if you don’t like it!