Strategies compilation - A tool for expert players

Create your own strategies with a unique trading algorithm with the built-in tools.

“Strategies compilation” allows any user with a basic C# knowledge to create the own strategy. The built-in tools allows to implement an algorithm for any strategy for trading on the exchange. At the same time, there is no need to code for interaction with the exchange. It is enough to compile the strategy C # algorithm code into a dll file and place it in the program folder.

You may find source code of all the built-in basic strategies here:


BetDriver 3.5.2. Your own strategies creation

1. Introduction

BetDriver 3.5.2 allows users to create their own mini-programs – basic strategies. To simplify this process, the program has created a “Strategies compilation” tool, with which you may compile the code in C# into a dll file, which can later be used as the own basic strategy in the program. The source code of all the built-in basic strategies is published on the website:

2. Benefits and opportunities

  • a programmer with basic C# language knowledge is able to quickly write his own strategy;
  • there is no need to write routine code for interaction with the exchange, you need to implement only the strategy algorithm;
  • if You are not a programmer, you can order your strategy to almost any C# programmer, his knowledge of the Betfair exchange API is not mandatory.


3. An example of modifying and compiling the built-in basic strategy

The Strategy compilation tool is located on the Autostrategies tab when clicking on the gear:

When clicking on this menu item, the code editor will be opened. Next, you need to click the “Open” button for opening the strategy source code file, for example, StrategyAutobets.cs:

For correct connection to the program, You must at least change the strategy name in the [DisplayName (“AutoBet”)] parameter, for example, to [DisplayName (“My AutoBet”)].

Then You need to click “Compile” and then in case if no errors occurred during compilation, click “Export”.

When you click the “Export” button, the program will ask You to specify the .dll file name into which the compiled strategy shall be exported. You must specify a name in the BetDriver.YourName.dll form. In our case, it would be logical to name the file as follows: BetDriver.MyAutobets.dll.

As a result, You will receive the BetDriver.MyAutobets.dll file, which must be placed in the program folder and You will see your own strategy in the list of basic strategies after the programs restart:

All that remains is to edit/write the strategy code. Good luck!