program for automatic and manual trading on Betfair exchange

BetDriver automates the process of trading on the exchange, operates on an unlimited markets number at simultaneously, provides the opportunity to use different bet placement strategies.



Register on the exchange

Register on BetFair, the world’s largest betting exchange based in the UK and deposit your account to start trading



Download BetDriver

Download the program and get a free 14-day access. Study the tutorial articles and videos.



Launch strategies

Test your strategies in the Emulation mode and start trading on the exchange.


automatic mode

Trade on any markets number automatically

Adjust the trading parameters and the program will place up to 5000 bets on the markets per hour simultaneously. BetDriver makes bets automatically, including the market suspension period, leaves or cancels bets after the match start, monitors the bet position in the line, holds the bet within the specified limits inside the spread, equalizes the results, profits, losses, and places bets according to other criteria. Specify the necessary settings and the program will place bets without your participation.


Use ready-made solutions and improve them indefinitely

The program includes basic strategies that operate in accordance with certain algorithms and have the fine-tune possibility for user requests.

AutoBets – a strategy for automatic back and/or lay bets placement on any markets number.

AutoBookmaker – a strategy for the sequential LAY bets placement in the given markets in accordance with certain conditions, as well as for the alternating back and lay bets placement.

AutoTrader – a strategy for trading on several parallel matches at the same time.

Martingale strategy – a strategy that implements a flexible increase in the bet amount in accordance with your algorithm after a losing streak.


A settings combination will help you to customize basic strategies directly in the program interface.

Own strategies creation

Implement new strategies with unique algorithms

The program provides tools for programming your own strategies in C#. The BetDriver.Api.dll library is used for interaction with the Betfair API. This allows to avoid routine opertion and to program only the strategy algorithm directly.

Also we are able to help you to implement any strategy within the program. Just order the individual strategy development by us and get your own unique functionality.

manual mode

Place any bets on the exchange via the program

The program includes all the Betfair exchange functionality, familiar to you.  Select markets and outcomes manually, place BACK and LAY bets, find suitable odds, trade until markets closure, place bets before and during matches.

Save your time and obtain more data

Select markets from the list manually or specify your search criteria and BetDriver will do it for you. The “Market search” function will help the program to find all the interested markets on the exchange automatically. The “Matched Amounts” function allows to see the deals for the selected outcome as well as the amounts and directions of deals. This will allow predicting the odd movement and making decisions based on the data obtained.

backup tools

Emulation mode

Place the bets without financial risk

Launch the Emulation mode if you want to learn how to place bets, understand the settings or test a new trading strategy. You are now playing on the exchange without real bets placement. Moreover, all bets are displayed in the program interface and are available for analysis. Your real money remains intact. Make real bets only when you are sure of the result.

Program statistics are available anytime and anywhere

BetDriver keeps a history of events on processed markets. You may “rewind” the history and see the market odds and/or your own bets made in the past at any time. The program keeps history for the period specified in the settings. Even after a year you will be able to look at your bets.

Statistics accounting

Stream API technology

Work faster and more efficiently

The Stream API helps the program to obtain data from the exchange via market subscription. The data is sent in case of the market changes, the data is not sent if there are no changes.

Stream API allows receiving data with minimal delay and also saves traffic and processor resources. The more markets are being processed, the more noticeable the technology use result.


Emergency help in complicated situations

You can cancel unpaired bets in case of losing contact with Betfair. The program will automatically send Heartbeat requests and all your unmatched bets will be canceled if the exchange does not receive any requests within the specified period.

Heartbeat function



Additional features

Run the program on schedule and receive notifications


The “Autostart” function sets the beginning and finishing times of the program. The time interval is set for each automatic strategy separately.

Sound notification of an accepted bet allows to monitor the trading process in the background. You may select any audio file from your hard drive as a notification sound.

Free trial period

Try first, buy later


Try the program’s features for free. You may test the program for 14 days without any functionality limitation. All the features and strategies available in the paid version are available to you.

Low system requirements

Operates even on your office computer


The program can be launched on a computer with a 2.2GHz processor and requires 1Gb RAM. Internet connection is also required.
If your operating system is Windows 7 or higher, nothing else is needed. You need to download and install the Microsoft’s .NET Framework 4.7 if you have an older Windows version.


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