Automated Bot for Betfair Trading and Betting

BetDriver is the official service for making money on the world’s largest sports betting exchange – Betfair
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What is the BetDriver bot

The BetDriver program connects to the Betfair betting exchange via an API and automatically places bets on any markets and in any quantities.

The program has built-in basic mechanisms for trading on Betfair, which are called AutoStrategies. They work according to certain algorithms and have advanced customization possibilities. You choose the parameters in advance, and all the rest the program will do itself.

You will be able to automatically remove unnecessary markets, filter bets by various criteria, place Back and Lay bets at a certain time and/or when certain market events occur.

Configure the settings, and the program will do everything without your participation. Our Betfair trading bot places up to 5000 bets per hour on the markets, keeps or cancels bets after the start of the match, monitors the position of the bet in the queue, keeps the bet inside the spread within the specified limits, equalizes results, profits, losses and has many other useful features.

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20+ built-in BetDriver services for betting and trading –
combine it or use separately!



Full automated – place up to 5000 bets per hour!



Emulation mode – test first, then risk it!


Why choose BetDriver service

BetDriver program features

  • Affordable subscription. From $ 7.9 per month;
  • Easy basic settings for beginners;
  • Advanced settings for professionals;
  • Works with all markets from the betting exchange;
  • Runs even on an office computer;
  • Places bets on the server while you sleep;
  • Exclusive Betfair bot strategies and full functionality in a basic subscription without additional payments;
  • How-to articles and videos to help you win.



Register on the exchange

Register on BetFair, the world’s largest betting exchange based in the UK and deposit your account to start trading





Download BetDriver

Get the Betfair bot free for 14 days and use all the features without any restrictions.






Launch strategies

Test your betting strategies in the Emulation mode and start trading on the exchange






I paid for a subscription after the trial expired. I have been using it for several months, and I am satisfied with the result. This automated betting bot has a simple settings of strategies and the ability to bet on many markets at once. If difficulties arise, then I look at the articles on the website or find the answer on the forum.


I don’t regret buying the program – a simple interface, you can quickly figure it out. Now I don’t have to go to the exchange website. Everything can be done in the program, even make a deposit or cashout winnings. There are also statistics and history on the markets, which is kept as long as I needed.


I have been looking for something similar for a long time – there are many Betfair bots, but the functionality is stripped down. I chose BetDriver because it has almost everything. There are a lot of filters and parameters. You can easily set everything up in advance and then monitor the result. I definitely recommend it to everyone!


I trade on Betfair recently, but have already tried many apps. With BetDriver, I got what I wanted. The program has ready-made strategies that can be customized for myself. I recommend it.

BetDriver bot advantages

Test BetDriver for free and without limits

Launch Autostrategies

  • AutoBets;
  • AutoBookmaker;
  • AutoTrader;
  • Martingale;
  • Market Search;
  • First bets in the line.

Learn more

Test functions

  • Matched amounts;
  • Markets closure;
  • Betting filters;
  • Football and horse racing filters;
  • Base odd calculation;
  • Trading mode;

and much more…

Easy operate

  • Emulation mode;
  • Markets history saving;
  • Statistics viewing;
  • Autostart and work schedule;
  • Heartbeat;
  • Event alerts;

and much more…

Money-Back guarantee if you don’t like it!