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AutoTrader is not a fully automatic strategy This is a semi-automatic tool, the main task of which is to convert the accepted bets to reverse ones. You set the selection criteria for markets that interest you, set the markets conversion and closure parameters, after that you manually determine the trading direction by manual bets placement […]

Market search

Betfair Markets search Markets Search assist in finding markets according to specified parameters: sports, countries, venues, competitions types, selections, etc. The strategy window displays the required markets. Bets on selected markets are placed manually or with the help of the other automatic strategies. The Monitoring section allows to receive information about the matched amounts. This […]


 Automatic strategies mechanism The Automatic strategies mechanism, implemented in the program, is about the creation of an unlimited number of strategies based on several basic strategies with a specific operation algorithm of work and advanced functionality for implementing various options for trading and betting strategies. There is a certain general functional model, according to […]